Scenic Rim Transport

Your transport options in the Scenic Rim

In July 2010, Council adopted the Scenic Rim Social Plan (incorporating a Social Health Plan) 2010-2020. The plan is a partnership project between Scenic Rim Regional Council (SRRC) Logan Beaudesert Health Coalition (LBHC) and the Scenic Rim Community.  In 2015 this plan was updated and is now called Health and Wellbeing Plan 2015-2020.

The Scenic Rim Transport website originated from this Plan to provide effective community transport due to the lack of public transport in the area.

Effective community transport means that it builds on existing infrastructure and services and makes sure the information about transport is readily available and easily accessible.

Transport impacts on every sector in the community and has a major impact on the quality of life including social isolation, poor access to services, limited employment opportunities and reduced entertainment and interaction for young people.

This website has been put in place to enhance community awareness of transport options in the Scenic Rim.


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